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About us…

CurtainsFor – Where Quality Matters.

For over 30 years we have designed and made curtains and blinds while working for other people, and for our own house, caravan and narrowboat.

We provide handmade curtains with a difference to those you can buy from retail outlets and large manufacturing companies… The difference –

“We make them as if they are our own”.

We understand that there are many companies that will make curtains for you but the difference is that CurtainsFor make them as we would to hang them in our own house, caravan or boat. We do not sacrifice quality or care for profit and we only produce one set of curtains or blinds at a time.

Our own experience in having caravans and boat means that we understand the difficulties getting things to fit as you need them to.

CurtainsFor manufacture for those who recognise that quality does matter:

Co-founders, and married for over 30 years, Mark and Angela are CurtainsFor.

We do not outsource and are responsible for the whole manufacture of your curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. All of our materials are sourced from UK manufacturers.

Our business focus is on quality and not profit; this means you will get the best quality products at a value for money price.

Much of our work is hand stitched. This is a double edged sword: The quality is very high but the time it takes is a little bit longer. This means the lead time little longer, but our curtains and blinds are made to last.

CurtainsFor is a trading name of AaMSafe Ltd – this is only because we already have the bank account and accountancy in place

AaMSafe Ltd is registered in the UK Co. Number: 09606844 

We have now de-registered for VAT – which means our prices are more than 20% cheaper than our competitors!