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Costs and pricing

Costs of material will be determined once you have chosen it.

It is worthy of mention to highlight, as an example, a 1000mm x 1000mm window you will need considerably more material than 1m2 of material. Dependent upon the amount of gather you require this can typically be anywhere between 1.5 – 2m. If there is a pattern match this can also increase the requirement.

Additional costs to be aware of are: lining materials, rails, poles, battens (in Roman blinds) and fixings.

CurtainsFor will always minimise the amount of material where practicable and are happy to give you the off-cuts on completion, if you want it – you have paid for it.

So, by now you are asking ‘So, what are the prices’. Our manufacturing prices are very competitive and we encourage you to price check us. We cannot tell you what the cost are until we have defined the work required but will be happy to give you a break down before the order is accepted.

We can confidently say that as a husband and wife team our overheads are VERY low – and we pass these savings on to you. 

  • Materials: Depends on which ones you want
  • Manufacturing: Depends on the work, the time and the volume (Discounts available for volume)
  • Delivery: Cost + 8% for packaging and overhead
  • Travel: £0.45 per mile (over 20 miles)
  • Fitting materials: Costs + 8% for going and buying it (we are happy for you to buy your own)

We will provide you with a quote with a fixed estimate of the manufacturing time (we take the risk of overrun) ahead of any order, and provide a lead time at that point.

We are confident that we can beat any ‘like for like’ quote. – Try us

We constantly check other online retailer’s prices and remain better value than any other we have found. Also, online retailers  do not offer the bespoke offerings that we provide. Worthy of note is that fact that online calculators always round up the material requirement (increasing costs), if not to the next metre, but at least to the next 1/2 metre.

Here at CurtainsFor, we always calculate the minimum amount of fabric required based on your total order rather than curtain by curtain. This can create significant savings.

We have access to thousands of fabrics and can usually supply it cheaper than you can get it anywhere else. If you have found the fabric you like; give us the details and let us see if we can supply it at a better price.

We have created some example prices for you – these prices have been created before any discounts are applied and the comparative examples have been done on material of the same costs. You should note, however, that the materials are not the same quality – just the same price.

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Narrowboat example prices Caravan example pricesHouses example prices 

We accept payments by Credit/Debit card, bank transfer, cash or cheque (cheques will be cleared before items are delivered). 

We appreciate that if you want a considerable amount of items making that this can be expensive and we are happy to discuss staged payments – Please talk to us if this is of interest.

We will discount when there is a high volume order such as multiple blinds, curtains, bungs, soft furnishings, quilts etc… again, talk to us.

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