Boats – Caravans – Houses

Fitting and delivery

CurtainsFor are happy to fit our curtains and blinds.

Exceptions apply to boats: We do not know ‘your’ boat or where the cables and pipes run. Whilst we are happy to fit, and are ‘fully insured’ we do not accept the risk of damage to your boat if we drill through a cable or pipe (unlikely, as we do use common sense) – this will be caveat-ed in any fitting proposal.

We are confident that boat owners will understand this caveat and will accept this risk.



We do not accept liability for miss-measured items where we have not done the measuring. We do support you to measure correctly and may ask 10 times if we think something is wrong.

We will discuss and agree delivery, and fitting, at the time of quote.

We have a clear and open pricing structure and any agreed price will be honoured, with no hidden costs or surprises. If we overrun on manufacture, we will absorb the costs.

Please see our costs page for more details.