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Our unique Porthole Bungs

CurtainsFor have developed a unique type of porthole bung for narrowboats and widebeams (or anything else that has portholes).

An independent review of our bungs by Minimal List


A higher res version on the Minimal List YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ctvz9S0jgTY

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and another by the Silver Foxes

The bungs take around 5 hours (we limit our charge to 4 1/2 hours) to make with one the towel cover. 

We have further upgraded the bungs now to include a water resistant lining in the rear. We now also put piping on the rear, as standard, help hold the bung in without the lining (if you want it).

Example price:

12″ bung, 1 towel back, button, charm

Fabric: £10 per m (1/2 m per bung): £5
Other materials (foam, towel, charm, button. piping etc.): £31.31
Labour (4.5 hours): £81.00
Delivery: £12

Total: £129.31 (NO VAT)

This is comparable with the price for curtains or blinds to cover the same size window. Please see our narrowboat example prices.

Larger bungs need 1m of fabric

Our labour price does not increase with size, merely the materials costs.

Discount given for multiples.

These are NOT merely foam covered in fabric – please watch the videos.

We are happy for you to provide your own fabric and toweling, but we can usually get it cheaper than you.

These are not mass produced items. Everything is made to measure (by us) and you are in control of the options (such as charm/no charm etc)

For a quote please choose your fabric and contact us with the sizes and your requirements